Tasha Gilstrap

Vice President

Tasha Gilstrap is the Vice President of Gilstrap Roofing. She joined the company in 2016 after earning her degree from Winthrop University in early childhood education. She began her professional career in Human Resources and was able to join the Gilstrap team and initially help out with administration. As the company grew Tasha was able to focus on the marketing and financial side of the business.

She is married to Gilstrap Roofing President and owner, Brian Gilstrap. The couple has two children, Julie and Luke. The kids keep them busy with tumbling and other activities. Luke is a fan of fire trucks, trains, and anything mechanical. Brian and Tasha met each other at Easley High School.

Tasha continues to provide day-to-day leadership over the business office and company operation while pursuing continuing education opportunities that support the family business. Gilstrap Roofing has been serving the Upstate and midlands communities since 1935. Tasha is proud to support this family-owned business that has carved out a strong reputation in the Midlands and Upstate of South Carolina.

“I’ve learned so much because it’s a learning curve when you work with your spouse, but I learned a lot once I joined the company and understood the level of commitment and the work that’s involved in a family-owned business. It’s been another way for us to bond and understand each other. We’ve grown closer by working together in the same business. There’s a family and business legacy and you don’t want to let anyone down. Not only do we want to make sure the job is done but you plan to be in business years down the road so there is a personal passion and interest in making sure customers are happy with their roof and our services.”

When away from work and the office Tasha and Brian love hanging out with their children and family, enjoying meals, traveling, watching movies together, and redeeming the time.