Roofing Steps

We don’t do things like everybody else.

With each shingle roof we install, we always:

  • Remove the existing layer(s) of roofing and inspect the roof decking
  • Replace any damaged or deteriorated roof decking
  • Install ice and water shield in all valleys, around skylights, and around chimneys
  • Install a new layer of felt underlayment on the roof. Based on the pitch of the roof we may use synthetic felt, or a low-slope roof system
  • Replace all pipe collar boots
  • Replace any damaged flashing and reflash any chimneys
  • Install each shingle with 5-6 nails, depending on the pitch of the roof
  • Install your chosen form of roof ventilation
  • Clean up, haul off all debris, and magnetically sweep for nails
  • Inspect the roof after the job is finished

Types of Shingles

Shingle roofs come in come in two basic varieties; three-tab shingles and architectural shingles. Many manufacturers also make designer shingles that are made to look like other materials, like wood shakes or slate. These shingles are generally more durable and have a distinctive look, but are also considerably more expensive. View the Pinnacle® Featuring Scotchgard™Color Select options by clicking here.

When choosing your next roof, it is important to know the advantages and disadvantages of each shingle type. If you are on a strict budget, then a 25-year three-tab shingle may be a good choice for you. However, architectural shingles are only slightly more expensive and have many advantages over three-tab shingles.

Three-tab shingles have an average lifespan of 25 years under ideal conditions. Architectural shingles generally last for 30-years, and longer lasting versions are available. If you are in an area that is prone to high winds, then architectural shingles may be a great option, as they are guaranteed to stand up to stronger wind speeds than three-tab shingles. While a roof of any age can be damaged by hail of sufficient size, architectural shingles are also more resistant to hail damage. Although opinions differ from person to person, most people seem to like the appearance of architectural shingles more as well, as they create a more “high end” look. If you are looking to replace your shingle roof, then architectural shingles clearly deserve a great deal of consideration.

Shingle Roofs

Gilstrap Roofing understands how each part of a roofing system works together to form a watertight barrier that will protect you for the long haul.

Roof Ventilation

Proper ventilation is a key in making sure that your roof lasts you for a very long time. There are several types of roofing ventilation systems available today, and it is our goal to educate you on the advantages and disadvantages of each type. During our roof analysis we will recommend the most efficient form of roof ventilation to fit your specific needs.

Ridge Vents

Over the years, the ridge vent has become one of the most common forms of roof ventilation. This is because, in many instances, it is also the most efficient form of ventilation. To install a ridge vent, a hole is cut along the ridge of the roof and the ridge vent is nailed to cover it. Air enters the attic space through soffit vents and exits through the ridge vent, cooling the attic space through continuous air circulation. At Gilstrap Roofing, we install high quality shingled-over ridge vents to match the color of your roof.


Usually the most efficient form of ventilation. Helps reduce moisture build up in your attic space. Shingled-over ridge vent can blend in with your roof. Doesn’t require any type of power to run.


Does not work well on roofs with a relatively small ridge, like hipped roofs. Not recommended for roofs with a pitch of 3/12 or less. Does not work as well if soffit vents are not present. Power ventilators come in two forms: electric powered and solar powered. Most models feature an adjustable thermostat so you can adjust what temperature it must be before they activate.

Roof Analysis

We offer a free storm damage analysis to evaluate the condition of your roof. During our analysis we’ll inspect for any signs of wind or hail damage and will look for any signs of poor ventilation. Based on our findings, we’ll recommend appropriate repair or replacement services and provide you with a free estimate and assist with the insurance claims process.


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5-Year Workmanship Warranty

All full roof replacements performed by our company are covered by our five year workmanship warranty. For the particulars of what our warranty does or does not cover, please feel free to download a copy.