Roofing Materials: Options, Styles, Colors, Price

If you are considering a new roof for your home there are many options.  The first is to decide what type of roof you want for your home and if your particular structure is right for the finished roof you prefer.  Among the finished options are asphalt and composite shingles, wood, tile, and metal materials.  […]

Considering a Metal Roof?

More and more homeowners and commercial companies are considering metal roofs when building or re-roofing. There are many things to consider when thinking about a metal roof. Consider your options such as shingles, wood, and tile roofing. Metal roofing has many positives and advantages compared to other roofing options. A metal roof will last as […]

Roofing Warranties and Liability Coverage

A roofing company that offers a warranty and stands behind it is a reputable company. Many roofing companies only offer the shingle manufacturer’s standard warranty, but no labor warranty. A shingle manufacturer warranty only covers defects in the roofing materials. Shingle warranties range from 20 to 50 years depending on the manufacturer and type of […]

Why Roofing Felt Is Important

Have you ever driven by a roofing job in your neighborhood and noticed the black paper on the roof before the shingles were applied? Roofing felt or felt paper, also called underlayment or roofing tar paper, goes between the roof deck and the shingles, which adds another layer of protection to your roof. Underlayment has […]

Roofing Storm Damage

Many people do not realize they have damage to their roof after a storm. Whether you’ve had hail, a lot of snow, or high winds during a storm you could have storm damage. Everything from ice damming that backs up ice/water and cause leakage, to hail and wind damage can attack your roof during a […]

The Top Residential Roofing Problems

One of the most disregarded home maintenance issues is your roof. There are a wide variety of issues that affect your roof. Think of your roof as the blanket on your bed. It protects you from the elements, keeps you dry and warm as you sleep. When it performs like it’s supposed to no one […]

How to Select a Reputable Roofing Company

If you’ve ever been in a neighborhood following a roof-ripping storm you know about storm-chasing contractors. While there are solid companies out there following storms many are simply looking to be the first in the door and take advantage of getting several jobs at once thanks to Mother Nature. Many of them come from other […]