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Should You Use Architectural Shingles on Your Roof?

Architectural shingles were born in the ‘80s.  These shingles were offered as an alternative to traditional three-tabbed shingles.  They are high-quality shingles that will set your roof apart from your neighbors and add incredible curb appeal to your residence.  Architectural shingles are known as dimensional or laminated shingles that add richness and depth to your residence roofline.  They are made from a dense fiberglass mat base and ceramic-laced granules that are contained within a refined and water-resistant asphalt.  These shingles are high-quality and high-performing compared to standard or three-tabbed fiberglass shingles.  There are many options when it comes to selecting an architectural shingle.  

You can choose from simulated shake shingle options that are thick and similar to authentic shake shingles.  Other options include imitation slate shingles that create the look and feel of a slate carriage house roof without the weight restrictions these traditional roofing materials require.  Unlike traditional slate roofing, these shingles do not require the additional support of a slate shingle.  You can choose from a variety of colors to accent the gables and roof elevation planes of a residence.  

Traditional asphalt shingles are comprised of fiberglass that is layered between asphalt and ceramic granule, but they are not as dense as architectural shingles.   This creates a water-repelling effect that protects against ultraviolet light. Architectural and three-tabbed fiberglass shingles are similar in water repellency and resistance to the elements.  However, architectural shingles typically have a longer lifespan and warranty compared to traditional asphalt shingles.

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Typically architectural shingles have a longer warranty and wind gust protection versus three-tabbed fiberglass shingles.  The architectural shingles have two asphalt shingle stripes that are layers that create a shingle better suited for high winds and volatile weather.  Three tabbed shingles have a 20-30 year warranty while architectural shingles are a minimum of 30 years.  Architectural shingles can handle winds up to 130 mph versus traditional shingles that typically have a 60 mph wind resistance.  

Curb Appeal

Architectural shingles give homeowners a wider selection in terms of color, texture, and curb appeal.  They enhance the appearance and property value of your home.  These incredible roofing materials provide homeowners with a variety of options including colors, materials, flexibility, contour, and depth in appearance.   


Typically architectural shingles run $15-20 more than traditional three-tab shingles.  It’s about 40-50% more expensive than traditional shingles, but the life expectancy, weather/wind rating in addition to attraction or curb appeal are to be seriously considered when re-roofing your residence.  

Whether you are considering traditional asphalt 3-tabbed shingles or architectural shingles Gilstrap Roofing has years of experience in helping homeowners decide what is the best bet for their curb appeal, budget, warranty life, and application.  Contact us today for a free roof inspection and consultation to explore opportunities to protect your home and increase your home value.

When considering a new roof or roof repair be sure to consult Google Reviews and the Better Business Bureau.  Make sure your roofer is bonded, licensed, and carries the required amount of liability and workman’s compensation insurance.    The last thing you want is a roofer with an injury impacting your homeowner’s insurance because they did not carry enough liability or workman’s compensation insurance.  

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