30 Mar. 20

Roofing During Covid-19

There is not a single business or community that has not been impacted by the Covid-19 virus.  As a family-owned, local business Gilstrap Roofing is heavily invested in the communities we serve.  We are not only a contractor, but we are your neighbors and friends who live, work, eat and play in the same places you do.  We want you to know that we care about our customers and their families.  Providing shelter in safe, reliable and high-performing roofing is something we do every day.  As we strive to serve the public during this unprecedented pandemic we are putting into place best practices.

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Fortunately, roofing can be done with little, to no entry into your home, which cuts down on personal contact and maintains social distance safe practices.  The initial inspection, assessment, and quote for your project can be done within a safe distance, by phone, through our website contact form, online chat, and email.  If we have to enter your home to access the attic to inspect some underlying problem or complete a quote, we are asking our customers to inform us if anyone in the home is sick, or has been sick in an effort to protect our team members.  If you prefer the worker entering your home wear a mask we will accommodate your request.  

In an effort to protect our customers we are asking any team members who are feeling ill, or sick to self-report.  We will not knowingly put a team member near your home, or on your roof, if they are sick to protect other team members and your family.  We are also asking our team members to practice social distancing with customers and other team members as work allows and to practice regular handwashing.  

We are working during this pandemic because our work is outside and we are able to perform our job with limited human contact.  We also recognize that many businesses are unable to work due to the nature of their location and operations.  We do not take that lightly.  As a local employer, we hope and pray that this virus will pass sooner rather than later so that people can return to work, gather, socialize, worship, dine out and work.  

However, during this “new” normal we want you to know that we are intentionally abiding by the guidelines set by federal, state, and local governments regarding Covid-19 in an effort to protect our customers and team members.  

Please contact us if we can help you with your roofing needs.  Estimates are free.  Like you, we are concerned about our children, family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, and customers.  We are confident that this crisis will bring out the best in American innovation, research, ingenuity, and creativity in an effort to provide solutions, relief, viable treatments and ultimately a vaccine.  

Brian Gilstrap, President 

Gilstrap Roofing

Greenville, SC 29611