Jessica Parrish

Office Manager

Jessica Parrish is the Office Manager for Gilstrap Roofing. She is a Midlands native from Lexington County, South Carolina. In 2014 she and her husband moved to Fairbanks, Alaska and moved to Prince of Wales Island for another three years and returned to the Upstate in 2017.

Her role at Gilstrap is a significant part of the family-owned business. She takes the in-bound call leads and gets customers scheduled and manages six people’s schedule in regard to repairs and sales. Jessica does all the permitting for jobs in terms of applying and paying for the permits. She handles supplementing with insurance companies to make sure customers are getting their full coverage for damages to their roof so it doesn’t come out of their pocket. She also issues the warranties for roof replacements and repairs to the home or business owners. She also manages the repair estimates.

“Our company is very family-oriented, I have two girls who are six and nine years old and when they get sick Gilstrap is so supportive and allows me to work from home that day and they don’t penalize me for a sick day.”

What’s one of the biggest challenges in the roofing industry in today’s economy?
“It’s hard to find reliable workers, but fortunately we have a very solid team at Gilstrap.”

How has the transition been from moving back home from Alaska?
“It gets a little bit colder in the Upstate than the Midlands but not as cold as Alaska but still comparable because of the humidity levels. And we enjoy the sunshine and summers.”