25 Nov. 20

December Roof Care

In the south December is the perfect time to investigate and inspect your roof well before frigid temperatures hit and you lose a lot of heating dollars on something that can be repaired.  In recent years we have had very mild December months and it’s been a bonus for roof work.  

Now is the perfect time to call your professional roofing company and have them walk the roofline and inspect for any damage, or problems before it gets really cold and we have those occasional snow or ice storms.  Doing it now will save a lot of time, money, and potential heartache in the very near future.

Ask your professional roofer to walk the roof inspecting nail pops, loose or torn shingles, missing shingles, cracked valleys, seals, or flashing that is pulling away.   Ask them to check in your attic for any signs of water ingression, leaks, or wood rot.  If you have noticed a significant increase in your utility heating bill it could be that you have a roofing or insulation issue in the attic and it is costing you money.  A professional roofing contractor can make that determination without tying up a lot of your time too.  

You may have one or more small issues that can be repaired without replacing the entire roof.  Getting out in front of potential problems before bad weather comes will be an asset for upcoming seasons when you count on your roof to shelter and insulate your family.   

Snow, ice, and water are hard on roofs, and the older your roof the more susceptible you are to leaks.  Ice dams can form on roofs causing water to back up because it cannot drain properly.  Flashing and chimney issues can be taken care of as you will be using your chimney and furnace (vent piping) demanding more of your roof in those specific places.  Loose facia boards, drip edge, or sagging soffits can also be addressed without major expense.  

Remember to make sure you ask around when securing a reputable professional roofing contractor.  Check Google Reviews, their BBB rating, and ask them to provide references from previous customers.  Also, inquire about their liability and workman’s compensation insurance coverage protection to make sure they have the proper amount in case of an emergency, or accident.  

There’s a jolly old man and reindeer that will appreciate a December inspection too!  Have a safe, healthy holiday season.  Merry Christmas from the Gilstrap family and team.

Brian Gilstrap, President  

Gilstrap Roofing

Greenville, SC 29611



Images Courtesy of Unsplash.com